Friday, May 19, 2017

A Couple of Amazon reviews

4 Stars by Trebabe on

An interesting read about Gabriel, ex soldier, submissive, survivor of being held hostage for months and tortured. This starts a year after, his body is healed to an extent but the PTSD is driving him to the edge. Meeting Nick gives Gabriel a little breathing space, and the chance to regain some of the trust he needs to allowed himself to be a sub again. I liked the characters and it'll be good to see where this series goes.

5 Stars by Starwarslover on

i adored this book.. i cannot wait to see what happens next.. i loved how much nick was willing to wait and go slow for gabriel to come back to who he is as a person.. i loved the difficulties and the trust.. this was amazing

4 Stars by Kezbooks on

A word of warning that this story may have triggers for some. It refers to violence, torture and immense suffering. Having said that, it is also a story of a man that would not give up and another who is there to lead the way. I like how the trauma of PTSD wasn’t magically cured and that the main character Gabriel had to work for each success. The BDSM worked for the storyline and Nick was patient and understanding. I enjoyed the story but I do realise it is not for everyone. There were times I wanted to reach through the pages and hug Gabe myself. A good read.

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