Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Broken Wings: The second review - 4 hearts!


by Jen of Love Bytes Reviews

Gabriel is a guy who is recovering from his time as a POW where he was tortured and the only one of this team to survive.  He is trying to put his life back together while dealing with PTSD issues.  He lost a lot while in the military, but the one thing that is hurting him the most is his inability to handle any sort of BDSM.  He has a deep need to submit, but is unable to endure any activities, such as being bound or hit, without triggering his PTSD.  His last attempt to go back to the club he used to love backfires, but also brings him to the attention of Nick.

Nick was the medic who pulled Gabriel out and kept him alive on his return to safety.  Although he saved him physically, he now wants to do more and believes he can provide Gabriel with what he needs while also being a Dom he can safely trust.  Knowing everything Gabriel has gone through, having seen all his injuries up close, he is fully aware of what Gabriel must have endured and is therefore very cognizant of what might trigger him or how far to go to help him push through.
Gabriel is dealing with a lot of issues.  Aside from what is mentioned above, he has a lot of guilt over being the sole survivor and the irony of being the one who begged to be killed doesn’t help.  But, Nick didn’t listen to him that day on the helicopter, and he doesn’t shy away from helping Gabriel see things differently.  He was extremely supportive and made certain Gabriel only moved forward with the help of actual therapy.

I loved these guys.  I loved how Nick found ways to help Gabriel meet his needs and make progress, no matter how big or small.  He was so understanding, and in being so, was the perfect fit for Gabriel.  The BDSM scenes are pretty light due to Gabriel’s many issues, but I loved watching him find peace and the pieces of himself he thought he had lost forever.

This is a very promising start to a new series that I am really looking forward to continuing.  This book was very well written, kept me turning pages and caring about these guys to the very end.  Things were not glossed over, but they weren’t dragged out too long either.  I definitely recommend this if you love watching a damaged character come back to life, as this one fits that bill perfectly.

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