Friday, May 19, 2017

Broken Wings - Another 5 Star Review

The reviews keep rolling ...

5 Stars for Broken Wings by Gay Book Reviews

I have to say that is truly an incredible short story about finding a reason to live again.

This book was a powerful read about the harsh reality of PTSD and the affects it has on just everyday normal life.

For Gabriel, PTSD was debilitating. After being captured while on a mission for the military and tortured and broken both emotionally and mentally Gabriel is just about to the point of giving up completely. All the things he enjoyed before being held captive, such as being submissive, was taken from him by his captors. Gabriel is having nightmares and flashbacks. Going to places he enjoyed before sets him into a panic attack or worse a flashback. He is having a very hard time controlling his emotions. At this point Gabriel feels like he will never feel normal again, much less with someone else.

On the night that Gabriel has decided that he is just fine, someone steps in his line of sight that he did not think that he would ever see again. This is the person that rescued him from his captors and helped to place him back to civilian life which turned out to be just as bad as captivity was. Nike knows the signs of flashbacks and PTSD and he knows what Gabriel went through from being on of the ones sent in to recover him. So it is no big surprise what all Gabriel is going through.

Nick being a [D]om knows how something like what Gabriel went through could truly ruin a submissive. He also knows that there is a way back from why Gabriel went through.

Can the man that rescued Gabriel from the hell he went through be the man to now save him from the hell he is living in? Will Gabriel be strong enough to accept the help or will he give up and give in?

This read is truly an inspiring read. PTSD is something that a lot of people go through and I believe that any author that writes about the affects of PTSD and does it with love and respect is an amazing individual. I truly enjoyed his read and I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out because I have a feeling Gideon’s story is going to blow the readers away.

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