Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Amazon Review - 5 stars

Gabriel is a broken man, suffering from PTSD and desperately needing hope to keep living.

Nick once saved him physically, now he does everything in his power to save him mentally.

I was grabbed into the story right from the beginning and I couldn’t put the book down. It has everything I love to read in a BDSM novel. The characters are really well-developed and the D/s elements are spot on.

Nick is a Dom, but such a gentle and understanding one. The way he helps Gabriel and guides him to let go and let his submissive side resurface is wonderful. My heart went out to Gabriel. His pain is so palpable I could feel it. Nick is the one Gabriel needs to help him overcome his PTSD.

Nick and Gabriel are just perfect for each other. They complement each other in every way. Their chemistry is sizzling hot but that is not all there is. There is trust and love.

This story was way too short. I so wanted to read more about these two men. They crept their way into my heart. It ends rather abruptly on an HFN/not quite cliffhanger. There is a short preview of the next book and I am hoping this will come very soon.

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