Saturday, May 20, 2017

Broken Wings: Gabriel

Authors are often asked who inspires the characters we write about.  I have often see lists of "who would play ______________ if I were made into a movie" posts.

While I know my stories will never make it to the big screen, and I am okay with that, I do draw inspiration from actors and actresses to lay down the basis for my characters.

Many authors who write series have what is called a Series Bible - a document of some kind they can refer back to that tells them details about characters, maybe includes images of the characters, etc.

With Broken Wings, I had to create my first series bible.  This is because while I have other series, the stories are all stand alone, and the series is based on theme, without any interaction between the characters.  For the Phoenix Reborn books, the characters are interacting in a group therapy session, so each character set will continue to build through new stories.

NAME: Gabriel O'Roarke

Nickname: Archangel or Angel

Description: black hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular, covered in scars, high forehead, strong jaw, deep set soulful eyes


Gabriel was fairly easy for me to imagine, once he started talking to me.  He got his nickname in bootcamp because he resembled David Boreanaz - Bones era (was also in Buffy and Angel).  When he was made team sniper, it was solidified.  He was the Wrath of God - an Archangel.


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